Southern artist Maggie Hasbrouck creates provocative, playful, and imaginative images, most typically of children, in a unique medium she personally developed – photoencaustic. “By mixing dry pigments into wax and then applying them over a photograph, Hasbrouck achieves a texture and depth rarely captured by a printed image. She then layers varnishes over the surface, causing her pieces to almost glow,” writes Donna Dorian Wall, freelance art critic.

Each composition presents a scene that is suspended from the natural order of time, and evokes a dreamscape, a precise emotive moment occurring in the imagination. Hasbrouck’s consistent depiction of children as the key players in these scenes furthers her desire to profoundly influence the viewer: 

“As every one of us has been a child – and every one of us has been shaped crucially by our childhood – the presence of children invariably inspires strong sensations, irresistible associations. Hasbrouck’s underage cohort does not serve to ‘put you in the picture’ so much as to put the picture in you, to narrow (if not collapse) the emotional distance between you and the moment you see,” states Peter Frank, curator at the Riverside Art Museum in Los Angeles and freelance art critic.

Salem County, New Jersey 

Video Production, People TV, Atlanta, GA 1990
Master of Fine Arts degree in Art, University of Illinois at Champaign, IL 1987
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 1985

2008 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” Gallery One, Nashville, TN

2007 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2006 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2004 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2003 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2002 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1999 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1997 “Maggie Hasbrouck,” The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1996 “Maggie Hasbrouck”, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1995 “Pompeii,” Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1994 Gallery 300, Galleria, Atlanta, GA

1992 “Solo Exhibition,” Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1991 “Recent Works,” South Eastern Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA

1988 “New Work by Maggie Hasbrouck,” Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

2009 “The Restoration,” Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2007 “The Winter Exhibition,” Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, MI

2006 “The Body Sacred,” Knoxville, TN

– 13th Anniversary Show, The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA
– “Cultural Sensations: Pride Month,” The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA

“Works by Southern Women II,” Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA

“Faculty Show,” Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA

– “Color Work,” Gallery 3, Philadelphia, PA
– “In Celebration of Women,” Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

– “Alternatives 88,” Ohio University, Athens, OH
– “Faculty Biennial Exhibition,” Center for the Visual Arts, Normal, IL
– “Faculty Artists of Illinois State University,” Thornton Community College, 
South Holland, IL

– “Artist’s Show,” The Gallery, Normal, IL

– “No TV,” (Video Works,) Rochester Public Television, Rochester, NY “Art By Women,” McKinley Foundation, Champaign, IL

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid
Faith Hill
Elton John
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alston and Bird 
Jon Bon Jovi
King and Spalding
Courtney Cox
The Phoenix
Long Aldridge & Norman 
The Ponce

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1991-92 Atlanta College of Art, Part-time Instructor, Continuing Education
1991-92 Atlanta College of Art, Adjunct Faculty, Atlanta, GA
1990-91 Southeastern Center for the Arts, Part-time Instructor, Atlanta, GA
1987-89 Illinois State University, Assistant Professor of Photography, Normal, IL
1986-87 University of Illinois, Graduate Teaching, Basic Photography
1985 University of Illinois, Assistant Teaching Basic Photography with Visiting Artist Assistant Professor, George Rohrey

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